Nomenclature & Pricing 


The Grade is indicated by a Roman Numeral of IV, V, VI or VII, a special accent material letter abbreviation if applicable, and a number designating the year in which the pipe was crafted. Note Grades I, II and III pipes are no longer in production. Grades VI and VII pipes are further stamped with a Canadian Maple Leaf. All pipes are marked by a Mother of Pearl signet on the mouthpiece.

The letter abbreviations for special accent materials are as follows:

AG    Silver
AU    Gold (Includes karat stamp)
BA    Bakelite
BM    Bamboo
CE    Celluloid
DA    Stainless Steel Damascus
HO    Horn
MA   Ancient Woolly Mammoth Tusk
ME   Meteorite
MO   Moose Antler
MR   Morta - Ancient Bog Oak
TI     Titanium

Further descriptive abbreviations are as follows:

PB   Partial Blast
SB     Sandblast
Gi     Giant
Gr     Grand
Sm    Small
FB    Flat Bottom
LS     Long Shank
ExLS   Extra Long Shank
PS     Pencil Shank
ES     Elliptical Shank
DS    Diamond Shank
OS    Oval Shank
SqS   Square Shank

Pricing Guidelines

Prices are based on the complexity of design, size, quality of wood grain and extra materials on a per pipe basis. All Parks Pipes are fitted with handmade stems and are priced in USD.

 Grade I       ~N/A
 Grade II       ~N/A
 Grade III    ~N/A
 Grade IV  $750.oo and up
 Grade V       $1000.oo and up
 Grade VI     $1500.oo and up
 Grade VII   $2000.oo and up

Grade Descriptions

 Grade IV  - small to medium straight-forward classic shapes in sandblast  finishes
 Grade V    - sandblasts with special accents, partial blasts, and grand  to  giant sandblasts
 Grade VI  - fancy or grand to giant partial blasts, and smooths
 Grade VII - best grain, giant smooths, and art pipes // sculptural works

Ordering Overview

Upon selecting a pipe shape the available custom options are as follows: Size, Finish, Grain Alignment, Stain Colour, Stem Material and Accents.

To reserve an order I request a $100 USD deposit.

When I begin working on your pipe I will first notify you and then update you with process pictures as it develops. Once completed you will receive finished pictures and measurements of the pipe for your approval before final payment is requested, and the pipe is shipped. 

Shape Chart

Custom Orders

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