Hand crafted artisan briar pipes.

Every Parks Pipe is hand crafted from briar, the root burl of the White Heath, a tree that grows in the arid regions of the Mediterranean. Briar was first used for pipecraft 350 years ago. Each burl is dug by hand. The wood is cut into blocks, boiled and then air-dried in a cool and draft-free environment for many years. This process of collecting, cutting and curing briar is a time honored craft all of its own. Pipesmokers and makers alike seek out the briar because it exhibits a smooth smoke, enduring hardness and delightful grain.

Stem Materials

The three main types of stem material are Black Ebonite, Acrylic and Cumberland. Special stem materials available by request are Bakelite, Amber, Horn, Swirl Ebonite and Mammoth Tusk. Please inquire for current stock.

Black Ebonite

A hardened rubber compound in an earthen-black colour. Also known as Vulcanite. When polished it acquires a satin sheen.


Also known as Lucite, Pearlite or Metacrillato. Acrylic polishes to a mirror-gloss and preserves its shine.


Madder-red Ebonite swirled with darker to produce a unique faux wood pattern.


Vintage plastic most often availalbe in yellow and amber tones.


Sourced from rare antique pipe stems and cheroot holders, and cut from solid block.


A beautiful material with variegated cream and black tones. Curved under high pressure using steam.

Swirl Ebonite*

Various colour swirls mixed with black.


*Please inquire for availability of these materials.